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PiplShare in a nutshell - what, how and why?

Whether you are a Freelancer, providing services from your scope of expertise or a Client, hiring freelancers to complete a task, project, or service,

you are experiencing similar problems and challenges, of which the most common can be classified into the following categories:

User Profile

A Portable and authentical user profile allow sharing such a profile across different marketplaces over the Internet, saving valuable time and money. Freelancers have complete control and governance over their profile data, credentials, and reviews. Transactions and recommendations are more credible and therefore more trustworthy for recruiters worldwide. Using Know Your Customer (KYC) services and utilizing smart contracts are essential steps in running a compliant working protocol.

Safe Transactions

Absolutely (100%) secure instant transactions, supported by GetonLedger blockchain. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology help freelancers not just rely on a traditional or central bank. Payments to freelancers through conventional banking systems incur fees, some of which may be significant. Crypto-transfers have low costs, and freelancers retain more of what they have earned. That also helps freelancers in developing countries, where it is difficult to receive payments for work done.

Intelectual Property

Protection of the intellectual property and rights to use that material. When a freelancer completes a project, they can approve the access to their materials to a particular person or a group. Also, innovations and possible valuable content can be secured this way, without concerns about theft of work, intellectual property, etc. All blockchain transactions are dated and timestamped. The old copyright and patent systems are being transformed into a clean, streamlined process of recording and storing.

Tips to Freelancers

Enterprises have become increasingly aware that proper human resource investment can significantly impact their performance, affecting their competitiveness. Businesses can invest in general human capital, an investment into specific or general training that enables the acquisition of general knowledge usable in various companies. That results in a higher future expected return on investment. Investors in human resources can freely choose to support a new project (Start-Up) or an already running project that needs additional support to fulfill the project requirements.

Innovation backing

The Prospectus is an official document required by the PiplShare protocol and provides details of a backing-up offer for a published Start-Up Project. It helps backers to make a more informed investment decision. Under the Prospectus, backers can freely enter or exit into/from participating in such a project. The Freelancer (Project Frontmen) has sole responsibility to the backers and must follow the Prospectus obligations. Backers always support through Prospectus with assets (tokens) purchased on the global market.

Passive Income

Making an active income as a freelancer is a fundamental principle, and it is how almost everyone gets started. However, once you have established yourself, generated multiple income streams, and the rates are high enough to have some free time, it may be worthwhile to generate a passive income. Generating sustainable passive income can be more complex than generating active income. But if you are successful enough, you must sit back and watch the money coming. The PiplShare platform and PiplCoin, provides freelancers with handy tools to help them generate sustainable revenue.


Influencer = Freelancer

Start earning from influencing!

1. Select Your area of influencing.
2. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles.
3. Understand Your Audience.
4. Create and Post Relevant Content.
5. Be Regular and Consistent.
6. Engage With Your Audience.
7. Let Freelancers Know You're Open to Collaborations.
8. Answer to Frequently Asked Questions.

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